Auto Protection

Protect your vehicle passengers, pets and interior from the heat of the Costa Blanca harmful sun rays. Your vehicle will look better and will be safer and more comfortable.

Man cutting window film to fit over car window


Window tinting significantly reduces heat and solar energy. Depending on your selection, the sun’s total energy can be reduced up to 63 percent. You’ll notice the difference on long drives as your window tinting will help reduce those “hot spots” that even your air conditioning system can’t overcome. And, by keeping the interior cooler, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. You’ll save fuel and help extend the life of the air conditioning system.

Tinted rear windows in car.

Solar Guard Autotint

Solar Guard used to tint cars but in recent years we have been concentrating on flat glass. As we are now expanding Solar Guard can now concentrate back on cars. Whether you use your car for short journeys to the Supermercado and it is parked up most of the week or you take it on longer journeys then Solar Guard Autotint can do a job for you.

Window film installed on vehicle sitting outside workshop.

Enhance the Look of your Car

Maybe you want to enhance the look of your car, want more privacy or just want to prevent the harmful UV rays penetrating your vehicle and harming your skin. Autotint is the product for you.

Tinted windowed cars outside workshop

Expert Advice

At Solar Guard we can offer the best advice for your circumstances. We can advise you on the laws for having tinted glass on your vehicle so you don’t have issues with your ITV. Every car has to pay IVA.