Solar Guard: Cooler in Summer,

Warmer in Winter

Installing solar protective window film in the Costa Blanca since 2002, Solar Guard leads with expertise and excellence.

Heat & Glare
Sara Kohnen

We are delighted with the reduction of glare and heat build up in our Naya after having Solar Guard tint fitted.

Lisa Daniels

Excellent I can now live in a villa with natural light… shutters open.

Nicole McKeown

Thank you so much to Bob & Dean for their incredible work – the windows look amazing, really impressed.

Carol Barrall

Conservatory and porch much cooler. Also on the cold nights we have had it keeps the warm air in.

Welcome To Solar Guard

The best quality window film installers on the Costa Blanca.

(Láminas de protección solar para cristales)

20 Years on the Costa Blanca and still going strong with the same phone number we started off with in 2002.

About Us

Solar Guard Window Film in Costa Blanca since 2002.

Solar Guard has been installing all types of window film to windows, doors, roofs, offices, conservatories, all types of glazing throughout the Costa Blanca. We travel as far north as Oliva. To as far south as Mazzarron. We of course cover all major towns and their surrounding areas and are prepared to travel in Europe. See our portfolio on this website.


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Serving all of Costa Blanca

We are the number one choice for solar protection window film, privacy and UV film on the Costa Blanca. Our specialist products have been treating windows and doors protecting them as well as your curtains and furnishings from the summer (solar) heat of the Costa Blanca since 2002.

Our services are guaranteed to solve your heat issues. We are fully confident in the knowledge that we are the best in our field at the application of heat reduction window film in the Costa Blanca.

There are many benefits that Solar Guard window films or solar control films can offer. For example, our most popular reflective film R Silver 20 (the mirror effect) reduces Solar Heat entry by 78%, UV Rays by 99% and Glare by 82% still allowing excellent light levels within your room.

Reduce Heat, Glare and UV Rays

Solar Guard window films or solar films reject up to 78% of direct heat and 99% harmful UV rays as well as 84% of glare all year round. Retaining up to 40% heat in the winter. It will help you to control your temperatures thereby saving money on utility bills…

Privacy and Security

The Costa Blanca has the same issues with criminal elements trying to break into properties. Installing Solar Guard privacy film can enhance your privacy to stop people seeing your valuable items and will improve the strength of the glass with anti shatter film.

Energy Savings

Window film or window tinting reduces solar heat gain, direct heat gain, dangerous UV levels while still letting in light. As a result, it lowers residents’ and businesses’ air conditioning lighting costs and reducing your heating bill through the winter by retaining heat with insulation film.

Health Benefits

Solar Guard window film have many health benefits from reducing UV rays which can cause skin cancer. Doctors recommend it when you develop cataracts. Keeping your body temperature down which effect many diseases and we must not forget all the added health benefit for our pets.

Anti Fading

Solarguard will install the top solar film to prevent your furniture from fadeing due to intense sunlight and heat in Spain. Sunlight causes many fabrics, colours, plastics and painted materials to fade. Damage due to fading is caused by UV light, visible light, heat (including infra-red light). Solar film and UV film prevents all this.

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Some of Our Work

Villamartin Commercial Property

Mirror film

Commercial Work Various commercial offices and shops have asked us if we could help with the direct sun that was shining into their premises and making their workers uncomfortable and…
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