Cost Effective

Solar Guard take great pride in solving your issues with the strong sun out here in Costa Blanca, Spain. We can solve this for you at a cost effective price. No matter the size of the job or type of job. Solar Guard commit the same levels of professionalism and efficiency to each task.

Warmer winters, summers very much cooler. Savings on heating, air-conditioning and lighting. Solar Guard window film is a great way to cut the cost of your utility bills.

Installed Window Film on Conservatory

Better than Blinds or Curtains

Window film when installed helps to prevent harmful UV rays and glare. It also reduces the heat from the Costa Blanca sun from entering rooms via the windows but it still lets in enough light.

Commercial Office Building Window Film Installation

Lower Residential and Business Costs.

Air conditioning in the summer can be very expensive. Window film by reducing the temperature in a room can have enormous affect on your bills in the summer. Just a few degrees can mean a quarter of your costs in air-conditioning. Low energy window film is designed to reduce the suns infra-red heat while allowing light to pass through. Without window film installed the occupants of a room may shut blinds or curtains causing the natural light to be blocked. This could mean lighting systems being used more therefore causing a cost factor through the day.

Looking out from the inside of a house with window film installed.

Untreated Windows

Temperatures can fluctuate throughout the year, hot in summer, cold in winter. Installing window film will help with keeping your rooms at comfortable temperatures. Preventing heat from entering in the summer and from escaping through your glass in the winter. This will definitely have a good affect on your utility bills by cutting down on the use of fans in summer and heaters in winter.