Privacy Film

Most people are naturally inquisitive. Prying eyes can offend by invading your privacy. Other prying eyes deliberately seek to steal information or your valuables. Privacy / reflective films give you the added benefit of a reduction of solar heat entry, UV rays, glare and security at no extra cost.

Privacy from View


Just like anywhere these days, the Costa Blanca has the same issues with criminal elements trying to rob properties. Installing Solar Guard window film can improve security.

Window Film installed on Villa in El Valle Costa Blanca South.


Installing window film gives your home an added layer of security where you can see out without the ability for anyone to see in. This also helps with nosey neighbours! The film also makes it slower to smash through therefore delaying entry for the robber.

Shattered window glass.


Accidents can happen in the home especially with children around or slippery tiled floors. After a window breaking with window film installed, the fragments are held together by the film preventing the shattered glass from going into skin or spreading to other areas of the floor.