Install UV Film Protection

Why wait for Summer to install UV protection?

In Costa Blanca the temperature starts to heat up in March/April time and gets really hot in August/September then stays warm until November. So that adds up to around 7 or 8 months of the suns harmful UV rays fading your furniture or heating up your rooms. Don’t wait till the temperature is making your property too hot for comfort to install UV protection.

Solar Guard operate every month of the year across Costa Blanca. From Denia and Javea in the North to Cartagena and Murcia in the South. A lot of our customers tend to wait until it is really uncomfortable in their homes but then have to wait because we are very busy. If you can enquire earlier in the year it usually means you will not have to wait as long to install UV protection.

Don’t let the sun fade your furnishings by delaying getting in touch. Give Solar Guard a call now and make sure you are kept cool in the heat of the Costa Blanca summer.

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