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We are the number 1 choice for solar protection film and sun protection applications on the Costa Blanca. Our specialist products have been treating windows and doors protecting them and your goods from the summer (solar) heat of the Costa Blanca since 2002.

Our services are guaranteed to solve your solar heat issues. We are fully confident in the knowledge that we are the best in our field at the application of solar protection film in the Costa Blanca.

There are many benefits that Solar Guard window films or solar control films can offer. For example, our most popular reflective film R Silver 20 (the mirror effect) reduces Solar Heat entry by 75%, UV Rays by 98% and Glare by 82% and still allows excellent light levels within your room.

What Our Customers Say

Just some of the feedback from our customers over the years.

Absolutely brilliant! What an improvement to our conservatory. It used to be a hot room with the sun on it but after Dean worked his magic today it is much cooler. Great work guys.
Belinda Davies
Ex-Pat Costa Blanca
Solar reflective film fitted to every window in our house.The improvement to the comfort inside is remarkable.The quote wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be either…
Ex-Pat Costa Blanca
Dean is a fast, reliable and a very personable young man. Open and honest too, a trait I welcome. Unreservedly recommended. Solar Guard Window Film Company.
Steve Higgins
Ex-Pat Costa Blanca

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of common questions we have been asked over the years.

Window film is optical grade polyester sheeting with coloured dye and/ or metal particles embedded into its surface to reduce the transmission of solar heat, glare and ultra violet rays through a pane of glass.

Solar Guard window films provide numerous benefits including solar heat and ultraviolet rejection along with privacy (if required). Their films can easily be fitted to most existing glass which makes them less costly that replacing windows with tinted glass. They also help protect occupants from flying broken glass in the event of accidental breakage.

The film has a very strong adhesive on one side that is kept clean by a protective liner which is removed at the time of installation. Solar Guard installers completely clean and prep the glass or polycarbonate prior to installation. Using a special mounting solution, squeegee and stainless steel cutting blades, they prepare, fit and secure the film to the glass.

Solar Guard’s window film is constructed with ultraviolet-stabilized, dyed polyester which blocks up to 99% of the ultraviolet energy that is harmful to humans, animals and damaging to fabrics and furnishings. It is estimated that ultraviolet is responsible for approximately 40-60% of fading. Solar heat and light energy are also contributing factors to fading as is humidity, moisture, wear & tear and the quality of some of the dyes used in the fabrics. Since these factors vary, the fade reduction benefit will also vary depending on the type of window film selected and the quality of the products being protected and the environment.

No, window film is designed for application to smooth glass surfaces. It is not recommended for use on any unsmooth surfaces, however Solar Guard do have special films for polycarbonate roofs.

Once installed Solar Guard’s window film helps reduce the amount of solar heat energy coming through a pane of glass. This makes it easier to cool a room or the interior of a car, resulting in lower energy consumption. The amount of savings will depend on the type of film installed and the geographic location of where the film is used.

The Heat rejection properties of Solar Guard’s window films vary from one product to another. However our most popular films can reject as much as 78 percent of total solar energy.

Proper care and cleaning are critical to maintaining the beautiful appearance of window film. As with glass, window films are also susceptible to scratching and damage if they are not properly maintained. To prevent minor scratches than can occur with cleaning, Solar Guard window films come standard with a very tough scratch resistant coating. However it is still very important that you follow the care and cleaning instructions we provide you after your installation to ensure a long service life to your Solar Guard window film.

The life of window film depends on many factors that included the application of the film, orientation of the window and geographic location. When properly installed, it is not uncommon for window film to last as long as 30 years or more.

After the dry-out process is complete your Solar Guard window film will not need any special care. Cleaning window film can be done safely with mild soapy water and a soft cloth or soft paper towel. Do not use any rough or abrasive materials for cleaning the film side of the glass. Always use cloths that are free of contamination of dirt particles.

Standard solar control film can help hold broken glass together in the event of accidental breakage. However, these films do not strengthen the glass enough to provide shatter-proofing or reduce the chance of glass breakage. If you require this issue to be resolved then we have safety and security films to overcome these problems.

Solar Guard’s window film products include solutions for solar control, privacy, safety and security. Solar Guard will advise you on the best solution for any issues you have..

All Solar Guard window films have a 10 year warranty.

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